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Winter 2010

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These resources are available to clients for FREE 24 hours a day. Presenter components also make great additions to sales meetings.

For Presenters, additions to our Advertising Consulting Skills series.

For Administrators, webinars on how to manage users and content

For Sales Managers, webinars on how to Leverage SlideManager


April Webinars

Presentations for New Accounts

Presentations for Existing Accounts

Increasing Revenue with Simple Calendars
How to Setup and Manage User Accounts
How to Easily Replace Content in Your System

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User Feedback

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3.1 Top Reasons to Upgrade to the New Immediate System
And why you will want to right away!

1. Expanded "Anyfile" Capability

  • Provide your presenters with any file type to swiftly create complete presentations and supporting documents
    SlideManager 3.1
  • File types include: PDF, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, video or any Macintosh or Window file type

  • Presenters find everything they need in one place

  • Packaging of movies and other embedded objects

  • You can wait and implement this when you are ready… it will not need to be learned when you upgrade to version 3.1
Result: Eliminate wasted time looking for any file you need i.e. “leave behinds”, forms, sales materials; anything (rate cards, contracts, spec ads, logos); a true “one stop shop” for all presentation, proposal and related needs!

2. Faster and Better Presentation Building


  • Rapid to learn visual interface and slide selection makes it easy to find the slides and build your presentation

  • Reduced system requirements speeds up slide views, application interaction and IT overhead

  • Added workflow benefits including shortcuts, drag and drop and more right click functions

  • Find, recognize and select slides in thumbnail or full zoomed views

  • Slide Duplication checker warns a presenter of the same slide included twice

Result: More presentations, more audience face time, more complete and targeted presentations.

3. Faster and Better Content Management

  • Consolidated work screens, context menus, more right-click options

  • Updating content can be done in a fraction of the time

  • Built-in recovery of deleted content

  • Version tracking capability

  • Increased import and assign options

  • Duplication management tools

  • Custom screens

  • Enhanced Copy functions

You can do more, faster. Smarter libraries, faster implementation, less training, more and better information for your presenters, less time required for monotonous task means more time for strategic and high level task.

3.1. More Features to Improve Your System

Jared Webb

  • Increased browser compatibility - Mac OS X, Linux or Windows
  • Less IT overhead
  • Less and wider PowerPoint support
  • Updated operating system capability – Mac OS X or Linux
  • Enhanced Help support
  • Archiving as you update content
  • Enhanced Copy functions
  • New Download features

Result: Compatible with more systems and platforms, less IT ActiveX work, enhanced training support, functions, and management preference options.  It also works with PowerPoint 2007 and most earlier versions (even  free PowerPoint alternatives for most task)

Due to the added security and stability that this upgrade ensures, all clients sites will be updated to 3.1 January 1, 2011. Our Learn site offers all of the resources that you need to support this upgrade, including webinars, recordings and quick reference guides. If you would like to plan for and schedule your upgrade sooner, please call your Success Manager or email success dept..

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